We provide Canadian income tax planning and compliance services to businesses, individuals and professional firms.

The purpose of Blackbird Tax LLP is to help our clients succeed by assisting them with complex tax issues in an effective manner.

Tax laws can be very complex, but their purpose is simple.  They are designed to convince people to act a certain way, and keep everyone moving in the same direction.  The Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia have certain tax laws to give our economy direction and provide incentive for taxpayers to act a certain way.  The more people and businesses become aligned with the tax laws of our country, the more our economy should flourish.  

When people think about taxes, they tend to think about two negatives – the pain of paying those taxes, and frustration when other people use loopholes to get out of paying their fair share.  

What people may not know is that certain tax legislation in Canada is designed to allow taxpayers to defer and exclude proceeds from tax in some situations.  When you know what those situations are and abide by those laws, you are still behaving the way the government wants you to behave – even if you are paying less tax.  This isn’t a case of using tax loop holes: it’s as honest as driving through a green light. 

Blackbird Tax LLP is here to help our clients navigate their businesses through the Canadian income tax landscape.  We'll help you find the green lights to keep your business goals moving forward, help you stay within Canada's tax laws, and even talk to the CRA when they call.  So if you are looking for a tax advisor, we'd love to ride shotgun with you. 

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David Cesmystruk, CPA, CA has over 20 years of experience working with Canadian tax issues for owner managed businesses, 18 of those years in B.C.  Dave works with all kinds of owner managed businesses, and has extensive experience in agricultural businesses, and primary producers in supply management and horticulture.  He has also been involved with the implementation of transition tax plans for owner managed businesses being sold to outside buyers or transferred to the next generation. 

Dave believes in working as part of a client service team to give great service.  He takes great satisfaction in taking a complex idea and explaining it to a client so that they can understand the concept and make an educated decision about their tax situation.

Dave is also a member of the Estate Planning Council of Abbotsford and has taught tax courses at various accounting firms.
You can reach Dave at 778-878-3283.


Jeremy Bergen, CPA, CA has over 16 years of experience working in public practice as an advisor to Canadian-owned private businesses and their shareholders.   Jeremy has always lived in the Lower Mainland, and received his BBA from Trinity Western University.  

His focus is on helping clients understand complex tax areas, providing them with the ability to make informed tax decisions and prepare in advance for tax obligations.  He has also dealt with multiple sale transactions, and businesses with international operations.

Jeremy has taught income tax courses for the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (including the In Depth Tax Course parts 1 and 2), for CCH, and for various accounting firms. 

You can reach Jeremy at 778-245-9190.


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