We provide Canadian income tax planning and compliance services to people like you. 

Businesses and Individuals

You have a goal for your business and finances.  Whether you want to earn, accumulate, distribute, divest or donate, the Canadian Government will be asking for it's share in the form of income tax.

Red tape, complicated forms, and strangely worded legislation make it hard to know what to do.  That's where Blackbird Tax LLP can help you best.


Accountants and Lawyers

We serve multiple professional firms in British Columbia with income tax planning and tax compliance review services.   

Whether you are simply overwhelmed with work, reviewing an unfamiliar section of the Income Tax Act, frustrated with a tax form, needing ideas for a reorganization, or needing someone to draft a reorganization that is out of your comfort zone, that's where Blackbird Tax LLP can help you get your confidence back. 

We just do Canadian Income Tax, and are here to help you serve your clients better. 


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